Child Protection Index – Serbia, 2016 | ChildPact


Date of publication:  17 Nov 2016 Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

Over the past few years, extensive work has been done in Serbia to improve the position of children and set laws and policies which govern the obligations of government to children. However, children in difficult circumstances or marginalised groups remain vulnerable and continue to live in conditions that significantly diminish their chances to grow up in an environment that enables dignity and optimal development. There is a discrepancy between existing policies, laws, and strategic action plans on the one side, and the implementation of existing policies that translate into available resources, adequate services, budget allocations and accompanying infrastructure on the other side.
The special value of the Child Protection Index is in measuring the level of development and achievement of a country in the field of child protection in comparison with results across the region; the Index documents Serbia’s position in relation to neighbouring countries.
The Index verifies that we have all worked hard to protect children and also shows us how to make the lives of children better, to let children live in a safe, secure and inclusive environment. At the same time, the Index results warn us and call for urgent action and change because children do not have unlimited time and cannot wait for us.


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