Child-related Concerns and Migration Decisions: Evidence from the Gallup World Poll


Date of publication:  01 Dec 2018 Author:  Sara Burrone Bina D’Costa Goran Holmqvist Publisher:  UNICEF Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

The UNICEF Innocenti Working Paper is based on the data collected from 150 countries collected over 10 years, from 2006 to 2016, analyzing the drivers of migration. The finds confirm decision to migrate or not depends on the child-related concerns, rather than the quality of public services for example. The findings offer new insights about the role of youth in migration, child-wellbeing and other child-related concerns when making a decision to migrate, with important implications for policy makers.

According to the findings:

  • Migration is child and youth related phenomenon, since often it is young people who migrate
  • Child-wellbeing is one of the key factors for making a decision to migrate
  • Child-related factors are particularly relevant for those coming from households with children age 15 or less
  • Parents with children are more motivated to migrate and ensure better future for their children, while on the other side realizing the migration plan with children is more difficult, as parents believe migration with children can be more costly.
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