Child Trafficking Response Programme in South East Europe Phase III (2009-2011)


Publisher:  Save The Children In Albania Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

This concept paper shares key messages and recommendations by young people, participating in the Kjustendil Resource Center, about their life and potential risk factors with regard to child rights, safe migration and trafficking in human beings. Currently the programme is in its third phase (2009-2011) and the activities carried out at the Resource Centre seek to revise existing preventive programmes related to adolescent risks, including trafficking in human beings, and develop effective programmes implemented by adolescents. This goal necessitates the establishment of an active adolescent group to carry out the programme among its peers and to act as a consultative body to the institutions working directly with children and adolescents. In regard to this necessity was this concept paper developed, whose main goal is to present adolescents’ point of view about their lives, problems and aspirations to the attention of the institutions with a child protection mandate. Considering children and adolescents’ opinion in the process of child policy and strategy development ensures their effective application in practice. Conclusions have also been drawn from the responses to a survey, distributed to 126 adolescents between the ages 14 and 15 years from the Tourism Vocational High School and 3rd Primary School in the town of Kjustendil.

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South Eastern Europe

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