Childhood Challenging Violent and Aggressive Behaviour [CCVAB]: Responding to Vulnerable Families


Date of publication:  11 May 2020 Author:  Dr. Wendy Thorley Mr Al Coates MBE Ms Jeannine Hughes Publisher:  CEL&T TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT LTD Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

Followed by a heartbreaking case the domestic homicide review of ‘Sarah’, in which a mother was killed by her son, while there had been years of services involved including the police and social care, a report by Northumbria Polivce, CEL&T and Northumbria Universiy was commissioned.

In this report, the number of incidents of CCVAB, the relationships within the home and the characteristics of the child were considered. According to the findings, the responses of services such as children’s social care, and the quality of information sharing must be questioned.

This study provides further informations:

  • What is and how is the "Childhood Challenging Violent and Aggressive Behaviour" defined
  • Prevalence of CCVAB
  • Pre-indicators of this behaviour that lead to police interventions
  • Commonality of behaviour traits displayed 
  • Outcomes for children
  • Recommendations


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