Children on the Move between Afghanistan & Western Countries

A report on children of Afghan origin moving to Western Countries


Date of publication:  20 Feb 2010 Authors:  Kerry Boland Publisher:  United Nation Children's Fund Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

his study is a small snapshot of individual stories of children of Afghan origin on the move to western countries. The study focuses on the stories of 20 unaccompanied children of Afghan origin who have applied for asylum in Norway and the UK, improving our understanding of the circumstances of children on the move from Afghanistan to selected western countries. Within Afghanistan, five deported children and three families with a child on the move in a western country were also interviewed. Most of the respondents did not see a future for themselves in Afghanistan or neighbouring countries. The aim of this study is to assist UNICEF in mapping an initial picture of the ‘Children on the Move’ population. Insights from the case studies provided here will assist in planning interventions that are in the best interests of children on the move and inform further research needs. Additional research and understanding is necessary to guide practical interventions that will improve child protection mechanisms for these children. Governments and UN agencies need to develop a better knowledge of the problem.

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