Children on the Move - A compilation


Date of publication:  29 Apr 2013 Publisher:  International Office for Migration Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

This publication targets policymakers and practitioners in the field of migration and child protection, along with academics and activists, and sheds light on the situation of migrant children. The publication is the result of efforts by a number of specialists and practitioners belonging to different international organizations – intergovernmental and non-governmental – who have been sharing their thinking over the past two years about how best to engage with the needs of ‘children on the move’. The articles are quite varied, with half of them presenting information intended to enable others to replicate particular methods for finding out about the experiences of children on the move or for assessing what course of action in the future is likely to be in their best interests. Not surprisingly,most of the focus in the articles is on unaccompanied or separated children, rather than on children who move or migrate as part of a family, who are seen to exercise less agency (and to have less influence about what happens to them) because they are accompanied by others who generally make decisions on their behalf. They are also perceived to be less likely to come to harm, although there is plenty of evidence that children who migrate with their families face significantly more challenges than local children.

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