CONNECT - A Model for the Reintegration of Children in Conflict with the Law

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Date of publication:  01 Jun 2020 Author:  Tim Chapman#uid:26724 Publisher:  Tdh Albania Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

In the current situation in Albania, the establishment of a model of reintegration for children in conflict with the law is urgent. International expert Tim Chapman and Tdh Albania, in collaboration with all major state and non-public stakeholders, are introducing a new model. Those who were consulted recommended:

  • Greater coordination and cooperation between state and non-governmental organisations;
  • More funding to develop services and programmes designed for juveniles, especially in the area of vocational training;
  • More training for professionals working with children in conflict with the law;
  • More residential accommodation designed for children;
  • The availability of mentors to guide and support children in conflict with the law;
  • Greater use of mediation and other restorative processes.

This publication contains more information on the proposed model:

  • Introduction: current arrangements and available resources in relation to children in conflict with the law in Albania
  • An understanding of reintegration
  • Understanding how children come into conflict with the law
  • Responding: A Model of reintegration
  • Committing to a structured framework of practices which would activate reintegration
  • Evaluating the effort.
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