Conscious Gender-Sensitive Parenting

Training program to increase involvement of boys and men in child care and education to prevent violence and abuse against children


Date of publication:  09 Sep 2016 Author:  Daniela Terzi-Barbarosie Publisher:  Terre des hommes Moldova Publication type:  Toolkit / Handbook / Manual

The training program “Conscious Gender-Sensitive Parenting” is intended to serve as theoretical and practical guidelines in the training activities aimed at increasing the participation of boys and men in the educational processes both in the private sphere, i.e. the family, and the public one, i.e. formal and informal education, as well as in the educational processes taking place at community level.

The program addresses issues that are critical in increasing the parenting role of boys and men, so that both their children and they benefit from a relationship of synergy, whereas nonviolence and tolerance evolve from legal terms into values, moral standards and quintessence of individual and collective civic consciousness to create a genuinely democratic society.

In order to educate children according to the democratic and contemporary standards, to help them effectively integrate in the social life and achieve psychological well-being, children should be raised and educated by both women and men.   

Only through parents’ joint efforts will the children become aware of and understand, practice, learn, and discover new things, these efforts contributing to their harmonious development and identification of own personality valences.

This is an interactive program, which targets the people who wish to develop and improve the gender competences (personal, social, methodological and/or technical) they need to efficiently work with children, those who are planning to deliver training in the related issues, more specifically: community social assistants/ supervisors; members of multidisciplinary teams;  teaching staff (teachers, entertainers, heads of the class, psychologists, principals); social assistance representatives; experts from crosscutting sectors (public order, healthcare); NGO members; representatives of local public administrations and others. 

The program has three sections: curriculum and summary of the training modules (1), course book for 5 modules (2) and annexes (3).

It includes the recommended training design and duration. The modules can be delivered either separately or in various combinations depending on the training objectives and target group.

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