Country Report: Greece


Date of publication:  01 Mar 2019 Author:  Alexandros Konstantinou, Athanasia Georgopoulou Publisher:  ECRE AIDA Greek Council for Refugees Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

An updated country report for Greece produced by the Greek Council for Refugees (GCR) Legal Unit in cooperation with European Council for Refugees and Exiles, is part of AIDA (Asylum Information Database), aiming to provide up-to date information on asylum practice in 20 EU member states and three non-EU countries: Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey. The main aim of AIDA is to identify, highlight and promote on European level good practices related to protection of asylum seekers. This report is based on contribution from different authorities in Greece, both in terms of the data provided and clarification issues in the process of producing the report.

Click on the link to learn about the asylum procedure, from access to procedure and registration to procedures in place in Greece, protection for vulnerable groups, subsequent applications, the safe country reports, information for asylum seekers and access to NGOs and UNHCR, treatments of different nationalities in the procedure. In addition, authors analyzed reception conditions, including access and forms of reception, housing, employment and education, healthcare, special reception needs of vulnerable groups, information made available for asylum seekers in the reception centers. The report also addresses detention of asylum seekers – legal framework for detention, detention conditions, procedural safeguards, and different treatment of specific nationalities. Finally, content of international protection has been analyzed, including status and residence, family reunification issues, movement and mobility, housing, employment and education, social welfare and healthcare.

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