Digital stories as a tool for health promotion and youth engagement


Date of publication:  01 Aug 2016 Authors:  Fletcher S. & Mullett J. Publisher:  Canadian Public Health Association Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

This article describes the outcomes of a project called “Prevention and Preservation” which involved participants from several communities on Vancouver Island, particularly a youth research team, youth participants and 14 elders. The objectives of this initiative were among others “to increase the self-esteem of youth by celebrating identity, cultural practices and community connection through the creation and sharing of digital stories”. As part of the project, workshops and  instructional sessions on developing digital stories were organised. “The project was successful in that the youth involved reported increased pride in community as well as new or enhanced relationships with Elders. This shows that digital stories method facilitated intergenerational interactions and engaged community members in creating a digital representation of healthy lifestyles.”

(Full abstract included in the journal article)

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