European Online Grooming Project: Final Report


Date of publication:  18 Apr 2012 Authors:  Stephen Webster Julia Davidson Antonia Bifulco Petter Gottschalk Vincenzo Caretti Thierry Pham Julie Grove-Hills Caroline Turley Charlotte Tompkins Stefano Ciulla Vanessa Milazzo Adriano Schimmenti Giuseppe Craparo Publisher:  European Online Grooming Project Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

The Final Report of the European Online Grooming Project outlines the project's research and findings on the profile and behaviour of online groomers as well as on awareness of Internet safety and the dangers of online sexual abuse among young people. According to research conducted in Belgium, Italy, Norway and the UK, online groomers are a diverse group but tend to achieve high scores on intelligence tests and have no previous convictions for sexual or non-sexual offences. The process of online grooming can take minutes, hours, days or months depending on the desired outcome for the perpetrator and the victim's reactions, and could result in the sharing of sexually explicit content or in an offline meeting for sexual purposes. Young people often lack awareness of how online groomers find information about their victims online, and about the risk associated with continuing online conversations with unknown contacts. To tackle this problem, the report encourages awareness-raising, more cooperation on behalf of Internet service providers, and a focus on the importance of disclosure of harm by young people.

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