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Global Monthly Monitoring Report Making a Difference for Refugee Children in Europe issue #9 - April 2017


Date of publication:  13 Jun 2017 Author:  Terre des hommes Publisher:  Terre des hommes Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

At the end of April 2017, IOM reported 73,900[1] people stranded in Central and South Eastern Europe, a slight decrease compared to the previous month (74,647[2]). The real number is likely to be higher since IOM figures only capture people registered within national databases[3].

In Tdh countries of intervention

In Albania, one person was apprehended in April[1] after having irregularly crossed the Greek border. According to IOM, “all irregular crossings in the reporting period were given the opportunity to apply for asylum in Albania or to be returned to Greece or to voluntary return to their country of origin[2]”. In total, three had people submitted an asylum application during this particular month, where one person was granted subsidiary protection, while one negative decision was issued and eight asylum applications were terminated[3].

In Bulgaria, 225 asylum applications were lodged, 53 persons were granted refugee status, 60 subsidiary protection, 403 received a negative decision, 359 were ceased and 678 procedures were terminated[4]. The State Agency for Refugees (SAR) reported 327 inquiries for Dublin transfer to Bulgaria by other Member States. Only 47 people, however, have actually been returned[5]. Finally no relocation from either Greece or Italy to Bulgaria took place during this month. In total 29 asylum seekers were accepted out of the 831 promised. The European commission criticized the slow implementation of the resettlement in Bulgaria (and other countries such as Croatia and Slovakia)[6].

In Hungary, nine people were granted refugee status, 54 subsidiary protection and 109 people received a negative decision. Three people were returned under the ‘Dublin procedure’ to Hungary this month[7]. The small number of Dublin transfers is to be explained by the recent legal changes and UNHCR call to halt transfers to Hungary[8].

In Macedonia, on April, 5 new arrivals were registered by the authorities[9]. However, this number does not provide an accurate picture of the movement. People are still transiting through the country every day according to local staff. With the warmer weather being present, there was an increase in the number of people met by Tdh/La Strada field staff but these people are not reflected in any official numbers. La Strada reported that in April, one person applied for asylum and one was granted refugee status while 10 procedures were terminated.


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