Guidelines on the involvement of children in political campaigns


Date of publication:  31 Oct 2019 Author:  Barbara Nemeth#uid:17181 Publisher:  Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

What is its purpose?

These guidelines lay down the rules of involving children in political campaigns. It was created to:

  • show guidance to those involved in party politics,
  • prevent the use of children in party politics,
  • and to promote the enforcement and restoration of children’s rights.

They have been set to foster self-regulation, and to strengthen the confidence of voters and the general public in ethical political behaviour. Respecting these guidelines provides a starting point in helping children genuinely and meaningfully participate in the local and national decision-making processes.

Who are they applicable to?

These guidelines apply to anyone holding or running for a political office, any political party, or any local or national organisation pursuing political goals, as well as any employee, volunteer, representative, or member in a contractual relationship with such an organisation.

What is their scope?

By accepting these guidelines, politicians and political organisations:

  • consent to be bound by these guidelines,
  • acknowledge their personal responsibility and that of their organisation to comply with and promote these guidelines,
  • actively contribute to the implementation of these guidelines,
  • and stimulate others to comply with these guidelines.

What are the implications of implementing these guidelines?

These guidelines shall not substitute nor limit political parties’ code of ethics or any local provision. They shall be in line with the applicable legal provisions, including legislation on campaign activity and the electoral law.

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