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A toolkit to change attitudes and behaviour around the physical punishment of children


Publisher:  'sdim Curo Plant Children Are Unbeatable Children In Wales Publication type:  Toolkit / Handbook / Manual

The Help at Hand Toolkit is a portfolio of materials that can be used by a range of groups and individuals to promote the aims of ‘Sdim Curo Plant!/Children Are Unbeatable! (SCP). The aims of SCP are: a. To change the law so that children and young people have the same protection from being hit as adults. b. To have a public education campaign about why smacking children is not OK. c. For parents to have information and practical advice and support about alternatives to smacking and positive approaches to bringing up children. The purpose of the toolkit is to provide materials that can be used to: 1. Increase the number of people who actively support legal change in the UK. 2. Decrease the incidence of physical punishment of children. 3. Decrease the percentage of the population who find physical punishment of children acceptable.

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