LEAPING FORWARD. Adapting the post-2020 EU Roma Framework to the real needs of beneficiaries



Date of publication:  01 Oct 2019 Publisher:  European Public Health Alliance Publication type:  Legal / Policy Framework

The process of social inclusion of Roma communities at the European level is manifold and requires joint efforts of policymakers from all political spectrums. Although achievements have been made in the past years, Roma populations are still socially excluded in most of the European states, facing poverty, lacking proper housing and healthcare facilities, as well as inequalities in education and employment.

This paper published by the European Public Health Alliance addresses the issues of health inequalities by focusing on social and economic factors that need to be reinforced in the future – the post-2020 EU Roma Framework.

In order to address a more comprehensive public health approach in the next framework, the document draws attention to the need of tackling a series of health agents that may include ethnic discrimination, and the adoption of an intersectional lens. Furthermore, for a better enforcement and binding of the post-2020 EU Roma Framework, the paper includes a thorough list of recommendations that meet the needs of increasingly diverse European communities and ensure the Roma populations are equally beneficiaries of mainstream policies.

The proposed recommendations tackle the following issues:

  • Policy, funding, governance
  • Health
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Tackling discrimination / anti-gypsyism
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