Life-skills, Leadership and Limitless Potential (LLLP) 3-Day Youth Facilitator Training


Date of publication:  14 Nov 2017 Author:  Abi Billinghurst Publisher:  LEAP Publication type:  Toolkit / Handbook / Manual

The documents contain step-by-step guidance and methodological notes for a 3-day youth facilitator training and 12-session life skills and leadership programme for young people who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing sexual violence. 

This toolkit provides the necessary resources for youth facilitators to deliver together with adult facilitators:
• a 3-day training programme for youth and adult facilitators; and
• a 12-session programme on life-skills and leadership for young people who have experienced or are at risk of sexual violence.
Both programmes aim to strengthen participatory practice amongst service providers and increase young people’s participation. We propose that this approach can help reduce levels of sexual violence in Europe.

1. Youth and adult facilitators complete the 3-day training
2. They then co-deliver a selection of the topics covered in the 12-session programme to other young people with support from adult practitioners
A 3-day youth facilitator training doesn’t allow the time for participants to go through the delivery of every session which you select from the 12-session programme. It will be necessary, therefore, to spend
additional time with the youth and adult facilitators to ensure that they are familiar with the whole programme and how these individual sessions fit in.
The 3-day training prepares, as much as possible, youth and adult facilitators to practice delivering a selection of the 12 sessions, and addresses the key principles which underpin participation with young
people affected by or at risk of sexual violence. An important prerequisite for preparing the groups will be the creation of a safe space, a group agreement and consideration of group dynamics. These are not covered extensively in the three day training, but it is expected that this will be an ongoing theme for discussion.

Purpose of 12 session programme
The aim of the 12 sessions is to work with young people experiencing or at risk of sexual violence in Europe by providing opportunities to develop projects that strengthen their participation in prevention work.
The content of the 12 sessions will enable youth facilitators to support other young people to think about their own ideas for participation work and how young people can be involved in the efforts to prevent sexual violence. The hope is that the 12 sessions will enable them to develop their own projects to raise awareness and prevent sexual violence. The 12-session programme does focus on the various aspects of creating a safe space.

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