Manual "Support breastfeeding and nutrition of youngest children in crisis situations"

The experience gained during the migrant-refugee crisis in Croatia in 2015 and 2016


Date of publication:  17 Mar 2017 Author:  Renata Jelušić Publisher:  Roditelji u akciji – Roda Publication type:  Toolkit / Handbook / Manual

Based on the experience gained over the years of refugee and migration crisis in Croatia, NGO Roda has developed a manual to provide relevant institutions and organizations involved in providing assistance in crisis situations with operational guidelines. In the situation of a major natural disaster in the Republic of Croatia, these guidelines can also help to organize rapid and optimal support system to ensure optimal nutrition to youngest children.

This publication summarises the experience of the NGO Roda, but  also acts as a tool, recommendation and lesson for possible future similar situations: optimal nutrition of youngest children in a situation of crisis must be a priority, breastfeeding saves lives of children!

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