Map of Migrants Camps in Europe and in the Mediterranean region


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The first image which the term of “camp” evokes is a closed place, geographically identified, and reserved for the confinement of undesirable people. Today in Europe the camps range from prisons, as in Germany and Ireland, to detention centres in the Greek islands which were not planned and are built in make-shift buildings. Camps are also the answer to high risks of shipwrecks and capsizing of boats transporting migrants across the Adriatic, from Italian Centri di permanenza temporanea e assistenzato French zones d?attente / waiting zonesand centres de rétention, from closed centres for asylum seekers in Belgium, to buffer camps which mark the actual border of the European Union: Morocco, Spain (Ceuta, Melilla, Canary islands), Algeria, Ukraine, Malta, or Lampedusa…

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