[Montenegro] Manual for primary school teachers on developing social and emotional skills


Date of publication:  02 Nov 2018 Publisher:  UNICEF Montenegro Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

The Montenegro Bureau of Education and UNICEF published a manual for primary school teachers entitled “My values and virtues”.

A number of contemporary research reports confirms: the intellectual abilities of children are not enough for a good and long-term stable success at school, for a quality life, work and relationships with others. Tolerance, perseverance, patience, self-belief, curiosity, sensitivity to others, justice are just some of the characteristics or characteristics of a person, when these are not well developed, it can be a source of serious problems in life, nowadays called "soft skills" or social and emotional skills. In education systems around the world, a kind of movement for empowering and modernizing role of schools in the rearing is increasingly influential.

“My values and virtues” is intended to encourage the development of students' social and emotional skills in all primary school cycles. It will serve as one of the sources of support for teachers to have more skills, confidence and knowledge in their very important work to prepare the students for life i.e. to work more with students to develop their social and emotional skills. In addition to this manual there is a guide, which can help teachers to more effectively use regular teaching for the development of social and emotional skills. Similar materials will also be made for secondary school teachers.


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