More than one chance! Young people involved in prostitution speak out

More Than One Chance


Date of publication:  10 Nov 2015 Authors:  ECPAT UK Publisher:  ECPAT UK Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

This report is a result of a joint research project between ECPAT UK, The Children’s Society, NSPCC, NCH, Barnardo’s, and supported by funding from the Home Office Research, Development and Statistics Directorate.  The quotes in this report are from interviews carried out in 2001 with 47 young people from all over England who had been or are presently involved in prostitution, and older women who had been involved in prostitution when they were younger. We gained access to the sample through specialist projects, most of them run by the children’s charities.  We used two youth researchers aged under 25 to interview the same age group or younger. We wanted to know what had made these young people so vulnerable to exploitation and also what their experiences were of the various services they encountered. We also wanted to know how far young people wanted to participate in telling agencies what they needed and wanted. This report is laid out along the lines of the questions we asked the young people; how they came to be involved in prostitution, the problems they faced and their dreams, the pressures which stopped them exiting, what they needed and their messages to government, to service providers and to society.

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