New opportunities for investing in children

2019 Eurochild report on the European Semester


Date of publication:  01 Nov 2019 Publisher:  Eurochild Publication type:  Report / Study / Data
  1. Assess the progress of EU Member States in implementing the European Commission ‘Recommendation on Investing in Children: Breaking the Cycle of Disadvantage’ and the ‘European Pillar of Social Rights’ (particularly Principle 11).
  2. Evaluate the extent to which children’s rights and well-being are prioritised within the 2019 European Semester cycle. For Serbia (an EU accession country), assess the impact of the EU’s macroeconomic framework from the perspective of children’s rights and child poverty.
  3. Support Eurochild members to advocate on the European Semester at national and European level by familiarising them with the European Semester process and by providing a resource that can be used for advocacy at national and European level.
  4. Bring a child rights perspective for addressing child poverty to policymakers at EU level who are responsible for monitoring and evaluating countries’ progress towards economic and social objectives.
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