The pathway of a child through the criminal justice system of the Republic of Moldova



Date of publication:  06 Apr 2017 Author:  Veronica Mihailov-Moraru#uid:698 Publisher:  Terre des hommes Moldova Child Protection Hub for South East Europe Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

"The pathway of a child through the criminal justice system of the Republic of Moldova" study was conducted by attorney Veronica Mihailov, with the support of Terre des hommes Moldova, in the framework of the regional initiative Child Protection Hub for South-East Europe.

The study examines the current legal and institutional framework, the policies of intervention in juvenile justice, the efficiency of criminal-procedural guarantees, the issue of street children and children under the age of criminal responsibility, and highlights the gaps. Besides statistical data and analysis of the legal framework, the research is replete with practical examples and opinions of actors who come into contact with children. It also addresses the recent changes in criminal and criminal procedure law, there were highlighted the legal and systemic gaps that do not allow actors from both the justice and social services fields to make practical and effective interventions, according to the principle of the best interests of the child.

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