Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse in the Circle of Trust (Albania)

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Date of publication:  30 Nov 2015 Author:  Izela Tahsini#uid:1999 Publisher:  Terre des hommes Albania Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

The Albanian research on Child Sexual Abuse in the Circle of Trust, conducted by the State Agency for Protection of Children Rights in collaboration with Terre des Hommes and the support of USAID, brings light to the phenomenon of child sexual abuse in the circle of trust and requires specific interventions and policies. It aims to strengthen the system for the protection of children’s rights in Albania. The research also responds to the need for monitoring the implementation of Lanzarote Convention, especially the legal framework related to child sexual abuse in the circle of trust.

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Well done,

Well done,

See the Council of Europe website has announced the launch,

It's a great contribution to the protection of children in Albania:


The National Agency for the Protection of Child Rights, Albania

The Agency, in cooperation with Terre des Hommes Foundation and USAID, will present on Wednesday 18 November, its new study on “Sexual Abuse of Children in the Circle of Trust”. This event will be followed by activities with children to raise their awareness on sexual violence. The video “Tell someone you trust” will also be shown during these activities. 

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