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Rispoli, Joseph. (2006). Feasibility Study on Recovery and Reintegration Schemes for Children Victims of Trafficking: Case Studies of Hajja, Hodeida, and Al Mahweet Governorates. 70 p.

"Based on practical recommendations resulting from observations, consultations, and data collected from respondents during fieldwork, the study devised an implementation plan for MoSAL and other relevant stakeholders to consider during attempts to build on their previous efforts by developing prevention activities in order to reduce childrens vulnerability to being trafficked and re-trafficked. This can be done through the use of the National Inter-Agency Taskforce and the National Steering Committee coordinated by MoSAL whereby children who pass through the reception centres are referred to the rehabilitation centre to be set up in Sanaa to receive comprehensive rehabilitation assistance during their stay there as well as return, reintegration, and follow-up assistance in their communities of origin."

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