Safeguarding Scotland's vulnerable children from child abuse

A review of the Scottish system
Safeguarding Scotland's vulnerable children from child abuse


Date of publication:  23 Dec 2014 Authors:  Jackie Brock Publisher:  Children in Scotland

The document has been produced on the request of the Scottish Government by Jackie Brock, Chief Executive of Children in Schotland. The 10-day review lookes back to the developments in child protection since 1995 by reviewing the range of relevant national strategic legislation, strategies, policies and reports produces. 
The format of this Review is as follows:

  • Section 3 provides an Executive Summary of the progress made in Scotland’s approach to protecting children, identifies areas for improvement and proposes 12 recommendations for short and longer-term action.
  • Section 4 summarises the areas where I believe Scotland has made best progress and
  • improvements in protecting children.
  • Section 5 sets out my justification for those areas where I believe improvements are
  • required.
  • Section 6 provides a list of 12 recommendations to achieve these improvements.
  • Annex A provides the list of documents read and meetings held for the purpose of this Review


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