The state of children’s mental health services


Date of publication:  30 Jan 2020 Author:  Anne Longfield OBE Children’s Commissioner for England Publisher:  Children’s Commissioner for England Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

"Children are now more aware of their own mental health, and much more prepared to discuss it. This is very welcome. But children are also aware of how hard it is to get help, for them or for their friends. Accessing services remains the biggest issue for children’s mental health services." said Anne Longfield OBE, Children’s Commissioner for England.

This report you can learn about the UK practise of mental health services for children:

  • The NHS specialist mental health services in the community. This does not include inpatient services.
  • The low-level services for children with emerging conditions or those who do not need specialist care. These services, often provided in schools, youth clubs or even online, are paid for by the NHS or local authorities, charities or schools.
  • The Government’s future plans for children’s mental health services, in particular the Green Paper on Children’s Mental Health and the NHS Long Term Plan.



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