Street Children and Juvenile Justice in Romania


Date of publication:  01 Jan 2007 Publisher:  The Consortium For Street Children Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

This report examines the reasons behind children ending up in the street as well as the offences they commonly commit/are accused of committing. It also explores the socio-cultural factors behind the commission of crimes. However, rather than just presenting these children within the realm of risks and offences, the report is also an attempt to feature their resilience. The report also contains an overview on the existing responses and projects by the national and regional governments, NGOs and other institutions, as well as examples of successful intervention and good practices. The information included in this report has been extracted from previous studies, research and reports, and the primary field research and workshop organized by ASIS in Sinaia.

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Lorena Leskovar
I found that really great

I found that really great document, it literary describes street life of kids in Romania. It has given to me clear picture of living in the streets in Romania.

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