Structural indicators for inclusive systems in and around schools

Analytical report


Date of publication:  28 Feb 2017 Author:  Paul Downes Erna Nairz-Wirth Viktorija Rusinaitė Publisher:  European Commission Directorate-General for Education Youth Sport and Culture Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

In order to tackle early school leaving and improve social inclusion, school systems are pressured to answer the needs of students in a holistic way and recognise their individual talents and voices. Inclusive systems in and around schools are well suited to answer the differentiated needs of pupils, especially in the marginalised and vulnerable groups and including those at risk of early school leaving. However, policy makers and school actors lack practical tools to assist them in this process of designing and maintaining inclusive systems. This report develops such practical tools; it is designed to inform strategic policy and practice by offering an innovative framework of structural indicators for early school leaving prevention and inclusion in school.

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