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Experience of LGBTQI students in Hungarian schools, based on the National School Environment Survey


Date of publication:  18 Mar 2019 Publisher:  Háttér Társaság Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

919 students between 13 and 21 years of age filled out the online survey about their experiences in the 2016/2017 school year. The survey asked whether they have experienced school bullying or abuse and assessed how safe the students feel in their schools, what aspects help build an inclusive school environment that provides equal access to education to all students.

82% of LGBTQ students mentioned werbal abuse in the past year, mostly due to their sexual orientation or sexual identity. 64%  have been bullied due to their sexual orientation, while 56% due to their gender identity. 22% of LGBTQI students have experienced physical abuse (have been pushed,  pulled, spat at) due to their sexual orientation. 18-19% experienced physical abuse due to their gender identity. 13% experienced more serious physical abuse (like hitting, kicking, hurt with an object) due to their sexual orientation and 10% due to their gender identity.

The majority of students never reported these cases in school (66%). 52% of those did not want their teachers or family to know about their gender identify, and 5ö% did not trust their teachers to support them. The most common reaction from teachers (52%) was to tell the victim to ignore the issue. 44% of students experienced that the teacher talked to the perpetrator and tried to persuade them to stop the bullying. 32% signalled that the teacher did nothing to abate the problem. 

The full report is only available in Hungarian.

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