Supporting the Youngest Refugees and Their Families

Early Childhood Issue Brief


Date of publication:  10 Dec 2019 Publisher:  The Moving Minds Alliance Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

Early life experiences shape the architecture of the brain and lay the foundation for later development. The very youngest refugees face compounding risks that threaten their long-term development and wellbeing. Still, the multi-dimensional needs of displaced infants, toddlers and those who care for them remain overlooked and underfunded.

In this brief you can learn more about:

  • what is early childhood development (ECD),
  • why is it important for refugee families with children,
  • the current ECD status in humanitarian responses (in a 2018 analysis only half of the humanitarian response plans mentioned any learning or education for children under 5),
  • how to integrate ECD programs into existing services (health, nutrition, child protection, education),
  • suggestion for actions (e.g. Prioritize establishing family-centered early childhood programs).
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