Technology and Case Management [ChildHub Review]


Date of publication:  03 Oct 2018 Author:  Ser Jay Tan#uid:16645 Publisher:  Child Protection Hub Publication type:  Factsheet

How can technology improve case management?


We believe that child protection organisations can unlock major operational improvements if they transitioned to an electronic database and efficient case management platform. Technology in case management comes dominantly in the form of management software as well as local or cloud databases. This is often a cloud database in which information is stored and extracted, which allows for information to be up to date and accessible. Here are other benefits that modern upgrades provide:

  • Databases store information centrally, allowing more types of data to be available to case workers on top of ease of seeking case-specific information;
  • Cloud-based systems offer greater accessibility as case workers are able to access information while in the field or on the move with the help of a simple internet connection;
  • Social workers enjoy greater mobility as they only require a compatible electronic device and an internet connection to access and input information on their case;
  • Management softwares facilitate teamwork and coordination by clearly assigning tasks - simultaneously adding a layer of accountability in the organisation;
  • Workstreams are streamlined by eliminating paperwork and piling all information into a central cyber location, shaving off information management;
  • Progress and tracking capabilities come with modern systems, which automatically track cases and provide timely reminders to follow-up on a case;
  • Lastly, good case management systems integrate a number of services. When a social worker from Child Protection Services has determined that Child X requires some sort of medical or psychological attention - health services and mental health professionals may be immediately notified and kept in the loop. This benefit is available only if the inter-agency/ inter-service systems were integrated.


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