Towards a Better Internet for Children


Date of publication:  18 Jun 2012 Authors:  Verónica Donoso Publisher:  EU Kids Online Network Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

EU Kids Online Network published a new report on the online safety of children following last year’s report Risks and Safety on the Internet. This current report presents new findings and further analysis of the EU Kids Online 25 country survey. It also brings together previously published findings relevant to European Commission Vice President Kroes’ CEO Coalition recent initiative to make the internet a better place for children. New results show that, of nine different kinds of parental worries about their child, online risks – being contacted by strangers (33% parents) or seeing inappropriate content (32% parents) – rank 5th and 6th. To understand the conditions under which children encounter the risk of harm on the internet, EU Kids Online was funded by the Safer Internet Programme to support evidence-based policy making. 1000 children and their parents in each of 25 European countries were surveyed – a total of 25,142 children aged 9-16. To inform the Coalition’s task, this report presents new findings and analysis to help establish a baseline against which to track progress.

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