Date of publication:  01 Jan 2019 Publisher:  UNHCR Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

The report in front of you is produced by the UNHCR, providing you valuable insights into the lives and stories of some of the refugee children under the mandate of this organization, as well as their educational aspirations for the future and the importance of establishing partnerships across borders and sectors to jointly work on reducing obstacles refugee children face in the process of pursuing their education. In this report you can read about the struggles to find a place in a school, to obtain primary education degree and continue education further, about the role every actor has in the process of helping refugee children to obtain education, how technology can help in this regard, as well as the call for action for everyone involved to contribute to solving the problem:

Report calls for:

  • Individuals to support education of refugee children in their communities, put pressure on their governments to adopt refugee-friendly policies and donate to support education of refugee children
  • Education actors to ensure inclusion of refugee children in national schools instead of creating separate system for them, as well as to work with other actors and synchronize their efforts, to achieve the best result for the institutions and children
  • Businesses to provide funding for the initiatives support refugee education, share their expertise in this field and include refugees in the training they provide, as well as provide job opportunities for them
  • Host countries to enroll refugees in national schools and emphasize inclusion, eliminate barriers for refugee children to enroll school and provide plans and funding for relevant initiatives
  • Donors to commit to reliable funding in the years to come, as well as to make a clear link between humanitarian and development funding and programming
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