Voices of Afghan Children

A study on asylum-seeking children in Sweden


Date of publication:  18 Jun 2010 Publisher:  United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Publication type:  Report / Study / Data

Over a period of four months, a total of 42 unaccompanied children from Afghanistan who had sought asylum in Sweden were interviewed on why they left Afghanistan and how they came to Sweden. The study aims to increase the knowledge and understanding of the problems facing Afghan unaccompanied children in countries of origin, transit and destination, as well as, of “onward movers”, mainly from Iran and Pakistan, and the conditions upon arrival in Sweden. It is hoped that the assessment will shed a light on some of the problems and risks faced by unaccompanied children on the move in order to better be able to meet their needs and identify possible solutions to their problems. Moreover, the study describes the conditions in the country of origin and reasons for departure, travel routes and the situation in transit countries and the reception conditions upon arrival in Sweden. In particular, the study seeks to increase the knowledge of, and understanding for, the different hazards faced by unaccompanied children from Afghanistan during their travel to Europe based on their own stories of why and how they migrated to Sweden.

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