Why Create a Working Group for Children in the Organisation of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC)?

Economic gains from investing in children


Date of publication:  04 Dec 2013 Author:  Mirela Oprea Publisher:  ChildPact Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

On behlaf of ChildPact and 1290 child protection experts and supporters who signed ChildPact’s petition for a regional cooperation mechanism for child protection, ChilPact Secretary General Mirela Oprea authored an open letter advocating the creation of a Working group for Children in the organization of Black Sea Economic Cooperation. The arguments are developed along the following issues:

  • Child abuse equates significant economic losses
  • Child labour reduces productivity in the long-term
  • Failing to invest in child health severely impacts health care budgets
  • School drop-out leads to weak human capital
  • Marginalised adolescents can contribute to raising security concerns


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