Youth participation: What does that mean?

A short guide for young people who want to change Moldova for the better


Date of publication:  23 Oct 2019 Author:  Ruslan Stanga Tatiana Costev Elena Turcan#uid:17612 Publisher:  Institute for Rural Initiatives Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

This guide is intended for schoolchildren and students, as well as for all stakeholders, to promote civic engagement and the spirit of participation in the society.

With this material, the authors aim to create a reflexive and motivational framework for youth to help them better understand what participation means in a board sense and how young people can become participants of change through participation.

The material was developed in the framework of the project “IntergrACT – diverse youth for a cohesive society”, implemented by the Institute for Rural Initiatives (IRI) with the financial support of the Ministry of Education, Cultural and Research of the Republic of Moldova.

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