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Thematic learning and multimedia: child trafficking

Durable solutions: ensuring the best interests of the child are fulfilled in context of return processes involving children in migration (ChildHub webinar)
About the webinar: Anyone involved in advocacy on European or national policy concerning the return of children in migration from EU member states to countries of origin will be interested in this webinar.
Trafficking Along the Migration Routes
In recent years, European Union countries have seen an unprecedented influx of migrants and refugees across their borders.
CORAL Project - Television series on the life and migration path of little KoKotako and Assibavi [Video] [Video]
We are pleased to share with you below a link to the television series produced as part of the Coral Project: A series of 3 episodes
Online course: Family on the move
The increased movement of children and families across Europe, the heightened vulnerabilities associated with this, and the variation in the response suggests the need for more consistent training for social workers and NGOs involved with migrant
Who Are Children on the Move [ChildHub Infographic]
Publisher: Child Protection Hub
This infographic will brief you on the concept of 'Children on the Move', which includes their identity, movement patterns and motivations, as well as the effects of migration on them.
Children on the move [ChildHub Video]
Publisher: Child Protection Hub
This video provides brief overview of children on the move, the risks the face and assistance they require.
An Unaccompanied or Separated Minor's Path to Asylum [ChildHub Infographic]
Publisher: Child Protection Hub
This infographic presents a path to aszlum that an unaccompanied or separated child takes.   Sources:
Supporting the Social Service Workforce on the Frontlines of the Southeastern Europe Refugee Crisis
Close to 1 million migrants and refugees fleeing war, violence and poverty have been displaced throughout Western Europe.
How to Talk to Unaccompanied Minors and Separated Children about Asylum [ChildHub Video]
Publisher: Child Protection Hub
This video provides some useful tips on how to talk to unaccompanied minors and separated children about Asylum. Sources:
2 years after: lessons learned on the protection of children on the move in Europe (Childhub webinar)
Since the beginning of the so called "migrant and refugee crisis", many European countries have been facing difficulties while trying to cope with the crisis and effectively respond to the needs of the most vulnerable groups affected.


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