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Thematic news

Thematic news: Children on the move

Criminal Gangs Targeting Vulnerable Young Asylum Seekers in Europe
02 Nov 2015
Newsweek reports that organized criminal gangs are targeting young asylum seekers making their way across Europe and forcing them into prostitution and slave labor, according to the chief of staff for Europol, the EU's law enforcement agency.  Bri
Refugee crisis: 700 children a day now claiming asylum on European soil
02 Nov 2015
Up to 700 children a day are now claiming asylum on European soil, as new figures reveal that twice as many child refugees are arriving this year compared to 2014.  Unicef is calling on the UK to act over the crisis as pressure mounts on David Cam
Winter is coming: the new crisis for refugees in Europe
02 Nov 2015
The Guardian reports, that record numbers of migrants and refugees crossed the Mediterranean to Europe in October – just in time for the advent of winter, which is already threatening to expose thousands to harsh conditions.  The latest UN figures
Six Syrian refugees injured in attacks across Germany
01 Nov 2015
According to the Associated Press, Syrian asylum seekers are facing increasing violence in Germany, with three different attacks in which Syrians were injured taking place over the weekend. 
Unaccompanied young refugees in Europe 'at risk from criminal gangs'
01 Nov 2015
'The Guardian' reports that Senior Europol officer, Brian Donale warns traffickers are exploiting people’s desperation, forcing them into prostitution and slave labour.
300,000 refugees - 25% of them children
29 Oct 2015
The Serbian 'Politika' reports that twenty five percent of all refugees who passed through Serbia since the beginning of 2015 were children and five percent of them were unaccompanied.
WHO/Europe and the Ministry of Health of Hungary conduct a joint assessment of refugee and migrant health in Hungary
27 Oct 2015
The WHO Regional Office for Europe and the Ministry of Health of Hungary conducted a joint assessment mission on 12–16 October 2015 to analyse the public health implications of large arrivals of refugees and migrants and the capacity of the Hungar
UNICEF Refugee and Migrant Crisis in Europe: Regional Humanitarian Situation Report
27 Oct 2015
UNICEF published a report on the humanitarian situation in Europe. Below are some of the key highlights outlined in the report. 
Fleeing teachers latest blow to Syrian refugee kids
26 Oct 2015
According to an article on CBSNews, school teachers from the Kawergosk refugee camp in northern Iraq are leaving for Europe, in search of better opportunities.
Meeting on the Western Balkans Migration Route: Leaders Agree on 17-point plan of action
25 Oct 2015
According to the European Commission, tackling the challenges faced by the Western Balkans requires a collaborative cross-border approach.


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