New Guide to Working with Youth: Prevention of Gender-Based Violence

Date published: 
15 Sep 2017
CARE Deutchland/Luxemburg

This is a training manual for experts and all people working with young people with the view of promoting a better and more successful promotion of gender equality and healthy lifestyles of young men and women by questioning, analyzing and deconstructing existing gender norms and stereotypes.

- The goal of the education is based on the Manual Y methodology, the construction of gender-equal attitudes of young men and women, to encourage nonviolence and acquire important life skills during their transition to early maturity - they say on the website of the association Status: M.

- Using a gender perspective, focusing on masculinity (s) and femininity (s), we are trying to deconstruct some of the challenges faced by young men and women during adolescence. This manual seeks to build the skills needed for young men and women to develop healthy relationships based on gender equality, understanding their physical, sexual and emotional development, and addressing all forms of violence in their daily lives – it says in the description of the manual.

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Non-governmental Organisation (NGO)
Cultural Mediator
NGO worker
Social Worker
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South Eastern Europe

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