Online course: Risk assessment

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07 Nov 2018












This ChildHub Academy online course is aimed at professionals who are involved in carrying out assessments where there are concerns about the safety and wellbeing of a child.  In addition it will also be of interest to those who want to have a broader understanding about assessments and how they can be used to support efforts to protect children.

It is worth noting that some organizations and countries use a different word for “assessment” - such as a ‘social report’, ‘social enquiry’ or a ‘case study’.


By the end of the course, participants should:

  • Recognise the value of assessment and the different types of assessment that made be carried out in connection with chid protection
  • Understand the ethical considerations that need to be ensured through the assessment process
  • Identify ways of promoting the meaningful participation of children and families
  • Know four key steps in any assessment process
  • Identify appropriate sources of information on which to base assessment
  • Be able to identify risk factors, strengths and protective factors
  • Be able to Identify the main forms of abuse, symptoms and manifestations
  • Appreciate the links between risk and vulnerability in terms of being able to manage risk
  • Understand the importance of analysing information, and have a model for doing this in a structured way.

This course is comprised of SIX modules.  You can complete the course at your own pace, and need not complete all the modules at one time.  At the end you will have the option to take a short test, which if you successfully complete you will be able to  download a certificate of completion of the course. 

For more information and to enrol in this course, please click here.

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Health care
Law Enforcement/Justice
Non-governmental Organisation (NGO)
Public Administration
Public education
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