University of Tirana Child Protection Module : Improving the Protection and Wellbeing of Children in Europe - Enhancing Curriculum

Date published: 
30 Aug 2018
University of Tirana

In  the framework of the Erasmus+ cooperation of 7 Universities (University of Sitrling, University of Kent (UK), University of Tirana (Albania), New Bulgaria University (Bulgaria), University of Prishtina (Kosovo), State Pedagogical University of Chisinau (Moldova), the University of Bucharest (Romania) and the University of Belgrade (Serbia), worked together to develop new, case study based modules for social work education in their countries. 

The attached are power point presentations were developed by the professors of the University of Tirana. In case you are interested in the detailed teaching notes, please contact the University: access may be granted on a case by case basis.

Contact: Mr. Edmond Dragoti (

The modules are the following:

1. Introduction

2. Theory and Practice

3. Ethics and Values

4.Skills and Methods

5. Assessment and Case Management


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University lecturer
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