Communications consultant, Pristina, Kosovo

Deadline for application: 
22 Jun 2017

Position type: Consultancy

Location: Serbia

Division/Equivalent: CEE/CIS

School/Unit: Republic of Serbia

Department/Office: Kosovo UNSCR 1244

Categories: Consultancy, Innovation


This consultancy aims to assist UNICEF Kosovo Office in (1) web-related activities and (2) development of communication materials in order to expand media & visibility outreach, such as: human interest stories, articles, and other visibility related documents.

Tasks to be performed for overall UNICEF Kosovo programme:

Analyze social and digital media outreach and propose ways of improvement;
Develop set of visuals for UNICEF in Kosovo Programme Facebook account;
Write human interest stories, newspaper articles and other documents that reflect the work of UNICEF for children's rights;
Assist UNICEF activities by following agreed activities and develop story or social media posts;
Include activities of UNICEF Kosovo Office in UNKT web-site;

Tasks to be performed for the Innovations Lab specifically:

Develop, maintain and update the Innovations Lab communication strategy and visibility action plan; support the development and execution of mobilization strategies;
Administrate the creation and publishing of relevant, original, high-quality content for the Lab, including but not limited to blog posts, website content, photographic and video documentation, social media, and traditional media;
Manage all Lab social media channels and manage the Lab community;
Assist in other Innovations Lab programmatic activities, including but not limited to the organization of trainings and workshops, volunteerism activities, public advocacy events, and other activities as necessary under the work plan;
Contribute to quarterly and annual reports;

Expected Results

The key deliverables would be the following:

Developed and updated the communication strategy and action plan for UNICEF Kosovo Programme and Innovations Lab
Refreshed and updated UNICEF Kosovo Programme and Innovations Lab web-sites and social media pages
Developed, updated, and implemented the social and digital media outreach plan;
Developed sets of visuals supporting 2017-2018 priorities for communication;
# of short video documentaries developed
# of human interest stories, newspaper articles, blog posts developed

This project is funded by: