Consultancy to conduct a final evaluation of the project “Training Care Professionals working with Children in Care”

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26 Aug 2016
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SOS Children's Village International
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SOS Children´s Villages International is currently coordinating the implementation of the project “Training Professionals Working with Children in Care” under the framework of the European Commission´s Fundamental Rights Programme concerning the Rights of the Child. The project implementation time is: January 2015 to December 2016.

Why this project?

One of the issues raised during the national and international debates around the topic of reforming the child care sector (sometimes referred to as De-Institutionalisation) was the need to pay greater attention to how relationships between care professionals and children in care develop.

A study conducted by SOS Children’s Villages and partners in four countries, reveals the important role of care professionals in building the resilience, skills, and competencies of children and young people in care, as well as in improving children’s and young people’s lives during and after leaving care. Equipped appropriately, care professionals have the means to instil effective and meaningful change for children and young people in care and to empower them to participate in processes that impact up on their lives. This project was designed to contribute to building the capacity of care professionals to embed child rights in their daily work.

Project overview

  • Project coordinator:    SOS Children’s Villages International
  • Implementing international partners: Council of Europe and Eurochild
  • Implementing partners in 8 EU countries: SOS Children’s Villages national associations in Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Latvia and Romania together with more than 40 national partners
  • Aim of the project:  Ensure that the rights of children and young people in alternative care are protected, fulfilled and respected while entering care, being in care and during their transition to an independent life. This will empower children and young people and enable them to develop to their fullest potential.
  • Objectives:    Build the capacity of care professionals to adopt a child rights approach to their practice.
  • Engage with key national & European stakeholders and raise awareness on the need to sustain such trainings in the long run.

Objectives of the evaluation 

  • Overall objective: to evaluate project performance against project objectives and expected results.
  • Specific objectives: to evaluate the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of the activities carried out within the project. To identify elements of sustainability of the project, lessons learnt and some specific issues such as the role of partnerships and youth participation.

Required skills

  • In addition to a proven track record of having conducted similar assignments, the consultant should have a good understanding of the child protection system, child rights, as well as capacity building of the child care service workforce. Familiarity with the structure, processes and challenges of an international NGO is recommended.
  • The criteria that will be used for selection are as follows: education, background and previous similar experience of the consultant, reasonable cost proposal.

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