Consultancy: Psycho-Social Services and Training Institute in Cairo Capitalization

Deadline for application: 
15 Jun 2018
Country(s) that the job is based in: 
MENA (Middle East, north africa)
Terre des hommes
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As part of the implementation of its Vision 2030 and Strategic Plan 2016-2020, Terre des hommes Foundation has established the Migration program, at the global level and in several regions, since beginning of 2017. By 2030, Terre des hommes has been able to significantly and lastingly reduce the vulnerability of Children and Youth Affected by Migration (CYAM). CYAM are able to realize their right to be protected along all stages of their migration and seize development opportunities. Terre des hommes is recognized as a leading organization, both internationally and regionally, and sought by all stakeholders for its technical expertise in protecting and supporting CYAM.

Psycho-Social Services and Training Institute in Cairo (PSTIC) was founded by Dr Nancy Baron in 2009. An assessment found that refugees were utilized in Egypt only in the role of volunteer teachers in refugee schools and interpreters in NGOs. In cooperation with the refugee communities, a plan for building a network of skilled paid refugee Psychosocial Workers was initiated so that refugees could assist refugees in their own language and culture.

Since 2009, PSTIC has worked as a national arm of Tdh in Egypt concentrating on training and facilitating refugees to assist their own communities. A capitalization was done in 2013 and gave an insight on PSTIC scope of activities and methodologies developed over time in a changing context. The objective was then to document the approach and to identify the key elements.

With this consultancy, Tdh and PSTIC would like to go further to:

1. Identify whether the model and/or elements of the model, are potentially replicable in other urban contexts, particularly in MENA, and how the models’ impact can be
uniquely compared to other approaches and interventions with refugees and migrants (lessons learned, good practices, challenges…); and if replicable how and what are the conditions of the replicability.
2. Assess through evidence the added-value and complementarity of the Tdh and PSTIC approaches in the context of mixed migration and make recommendations for how to reinforce a joint model, particularly in the context of Egypt;
3. Make recommendations for future evidence based research to assess the impact of the interventions on the quality of life of refugees and migrants and use these findings in future proposals


Deliverables of the consultancy
Under the supervision of the Regional Migration Coordinator, the consultant will deliver:

- Plan for a methodology and report structure for the capitalization
- Report of maximum 20 pages including executive summary, annexes and list of tools prepared - in English
Maximum of 10 days after consultancy
- Oral debriefing at the end of the process with Tdh and SPTIC


Place of mission: Cairo, Egypt
Period: 15 days, starting as soon as possible
Remuneration: Fees: 420 CHF per day

Tdh will take care of the accommodation and the travels arrangements of the consultant.

The consultant will propose framework of work and tools for the different deliverables, for validation by the Regional Coordinator Migration and PSTIC Director.
The proposed workplan of the consultancy is as follows:

- Desk review of key PSTIC documents - monitoring reports, donors reports, previous capitalization, training material…

- Field work:
- Interviews and group discussions with PSTIC staff – with different years of experience, in different team, including workers who are now working outside of PSTIC in Egypt and other countries.
- Interviews with key staff from Tdh (HQ and Egypt), donors and local partners working with PSTIC
- Discussions with beneficiaries and families.
- Field visits

- Preparation of the draft report and revision process
- Finalization and submission of the final report

Required skills
- Knowledge on MHPSS and community based protection in a migration context
- Experience on assessment, capitalization and document review
- Work experience in the region
- Good knowledge of English, Arabic would be an advantage
- Analytical mind; dynamic; ability to work independently; spirit of collaboration

How to apply
Please send a CV and a technical and financial offer to the following email:

Deadline: 15th of June 2018

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