Consultant - Drafting a model of a daily center for children victims of sexual abuse

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04 Sep 2017
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Terre des hommes
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Terre des hommes Kosovo is seeking to recruit a Consultant for the project “Child Protection SafetyNet Phase 3” for Drafting the model of a daily center for children victims of sexual abuse

General conditions: Service Contract

Position Start Date: September 2017;

Duration of the Contract: 10 Working days;

Location of duty: Prishtina



Terre des hommes in Kosovo has been operating for over 15 years in the field of child rights and child protection, leading the establishment and strengthening of a national child protection system in the country. While working with several partners at the national and local level to ensure qualitative child protective services and promoting social inclusion of the most vulnerable communities. Terre des hommes’ area of expertise ranges from direct psycho-social interventions with vulnerable children and their family and community members, to empowerment of local, regional and national level governmental institutions and key stakeholders through capacity-building and on-the-job training in order to develop and implement proper child-sensitive structures, policies, standards and procedures.

Sexual abuse and exploitation of children in Kosovo are a complex issue which for a long time has been treated as ``taboo`` and has not been reported to the respective authorities due to stigmatizations, etc. Being a sensitive issue, there are not a lot of data or research with regards to the number of children who are victims of sexual abuse and their reintegration.

However, according to the Child Protection Index, Kosova has undertaken a lot of actions for preventing and prohibiting the sexual exploitation (0.77) through different laws, policies, services and coordination with other neighbour countries. On the other hand, the accountability system is still low compared to the other dimensions (0.423) of the government actions. It is also worth mentioning that Kosovo has not ratified the Convention of the European Counsel for protecting children from sexual exploitation and abuse. In addition to this, due to the political status, Kosovo is not involved in the Convention of Budapest 2001 for cybercrime (Child Protection Index, 2016). So, Kosovo shows positive results in preventing and prohibiting the sexual exploitation but still needs improvement in the referral mechanism by strengthening the self-reporting as well as reporting by peers. The provision of services for children victims of sexual abuse is another issue which needs to be further developed and adapted to Kosovo context and cultural factors.



Sexual abuse is the most severe and traumatic event against children. In order to tackle this issue, the establishment of a model specifically for children at high risk who need immediate sheltering and support would improve the situation of those children as well as their reintegration into society. For this aim, the engagement of a national or international consultant will be focused on the development of the model of specialized and emergency services for children at high risk of neglect, exploitation and other forms of abuse by having a holistic approach. The model and well-targeted services will take into account different aspects of the child well-being, such as safety, health, mental health, educational, social and psychological support, etc. Different meetings and workshops will be held with national stakeholders in order to build the model based on the needs of children at high risk and the context of Kosovo, in order to ensure quality and sustainability of this model.



Under the guidance of the Deputy Country Representative and Program Officer on Child Protection, the consultant will have to:

Desk review of research, situation analyses of the daily centres which provide services for children victims of sexual abuse in other countries
Develop the used methodology which will lead the establishment of the model of services for children victims of sexual abuse
Jointly with Tdh team facilitate the consultation workshops with professionals of governmental institutions and non-governmental representatives in order to discuss whether the developed model meets the needs of children victims of sexual abuse by identifying and agreeing on the basics services for those children. The inputs of all stakeholders will be drawn and taken into account in developing the daily centre
Prepare the guidelines for the workshops
Consider the suggestions given by all stakeholders as well as Tdh officers
Finalize the model of daily centre by having a holistic approach toward the well-being of the children by explaining how each dimension is interlinked with the other one
If possible, build the model based on the services which are available in Kosovo and which of the services should be established or further strengthened
Participate in the debriefing meetings with Tdh representatives on the overall results of the process.



Post graduate degree in Social Sciences
Minimum of 5 years of working experience on developing the model of services for children victims of sexual abuse                      
Very good writing and analytic skills
Ability to communicate effectively, present the model to partners, write well and express technical issues in a sensitive manner.
Good language skills in English 


How to apply:

All qualified applicants are strongly encouraged to apply and to submit the following documents to

Curriculum Vitae
The proposition of the used methodology including a detailed plan for developing and finalizing the model
The active participation in three consultative workshops is obligatory for the consultant.
The Financial offer for the service.

Application for this vacancy will be open from 18th of August 2017 until 4th of September 2017. Please include “Consultant- Drafting the model of a daily center for children victims of sexual abuse” in the subject line. Please note that applications received after the deadline will not be considered.


Child Safeguarding policy:

To commit to respect Tdh Risk Management Policies including: Child Safeguarding Policy, Safety and Security Policy and Anti-Fraud/Corruption Policy, Whistle Blowing Policy.

Due to the high numbers of applications, Tdh is not in a position to respond to everyone individually. Please note that only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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