Financial Monitoring Officer for Eastern Europe

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22 Feb 2019
ERIKS Development Partner (Erikshjälpen

A. Presentation ERIKS Development Partner

ERIKS is a Swedish NGO, based on Christian and humanitarian values, founded in 1967. ERIKS is a child rights organisation that carries out development projects in partnership with around 60 local partners spread out in 16 countries. Apart from the head office in Sweden ERIKS’ also has four regional offices in Eastern Europe, East – and West Africa and South-east Asia. ERIKS’ vision is a transformed world where children’s dreams come true. Primary focus of interventions concern education, health and protection. In Europe, ERIKS is working in three countries: Romania, Moldova and Belarus. In Romania the work is primarily focusing on social inclusion of Roma in the areas of education, health and protection. In Moldova ERIKS supports projects that are focusing on education and protection for vulnerable groups of children and in Belarus ERIKS support interventions targeting integration and de-institutionalization of children and youths with disabilities or in conflict with the law.

B. Outline of the position

The main responsibility for management of ERIKS support to interventions implemented by local partners in Europe lies with the Programme Coordinator (PC) for Eastern Europe, who is based at the head office of ERIKS in Sweden. On the regional level, there is also a Regional Representative/ Programme Monitoring Officer (RR/PMO) who is responsible for the monitoring of the programmatic aspects of the interventions. ERIKS is now searching for a Financial Monitoring Officer (FMO) to further strengthen the representation on the regional level. The assignment of the Financial Monitoring Officer (FMO) consists of regular financial monitoring of the interventions supported by ERIKS and capacity building of the local partner organisations in terms of financial management. The position is full-time and the FMO will be based in Cluj, together with the RR/PMO, formally employed by a national organisation in partnership with ERIKS. The FMO will have supervising responsibilities in all three countries in Europe. The FMO will take up duty during June 2019 or as per agreement.

C. Job description

The FMO will:

  • Be well acquainted with the rules and procedures of ERIKS and convey them to the local partner organisations ensuring efficient administrative and financial management of projects.
  • Contribute to the elaboration of an efficient financial reporting and monitoring system of the interventions supported by ERIKS in the region, in cooperation with ERIKS’ staff in Sweden and other regions.
  • Analyse the financial reports and audit reports submitted by the local partners
  • Assist partners in selection of auditors and supervise compliance of terms of reference for financial audits
  • Cooperate with PC and Financial Controller in Sweden in the audit process and with financial reports to donors
  • Write reports for financial assessments of the local partners.
  • Make field visits to the sites of the current interventions and write field reports.
  • Monitor the implementation of recommendations given to the local partners.
  • Supervise compliance with agreements and contracts signed between ERIKS and the local partners.
  • Analyse budgets of project proposals submitted by the local partners.
  • Evaluate the local partner organizations’ capacity building needs in terms of financial management and function as advisor and mentor.
  • Participate in regional networks on ERIKS behalf; with local NGOs, peer NGOs, donor agencies and national authorities.

D. Qualifications


  • University degree (BAC+2 to BAC+4) in economy, accountancy or equivalent


  • Professional experience in the field of financial management in an international agency or a national NGO.


  • Well acquainted with the following computer software (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook)
  • High capacity in reading, writing and communicating in English. Knowledge in Russian is seen as a merit.
  • Well informed about the development context in the three countries of intervention.


  • Ability to work independently and in team.
  • Attitude of listening, initiative and creativity.
  • Interpersonal competence and ability to maintain good partnership relations.
  • Capacity to work with national and international organizations, authorities and various management structures.
  • Capacity to gather, summarize and present information in a professional and convincing way.
  • Aptitude for planning, foresight and problem solving.
  • Capacity to work under pressure and time limits.

E. Conditions for employment

  • Share the basic values, the vision and the mission of ERIKS.
  • Determined to develop and maintain the good image of ERIKS.
  • Be a person of excellent integrity and decline every form of corruption and mismanagement of funds.
  • Available to make frequent field visits in the three countries concerned.

F. Application

The application file, consisting of a detailed Curriculum Vitae and a Motivation Letter is to be sent by e-mail to by 22 February 2019. Professional references and academic documents will be required when/if called for an interview.

For more information concerning the position and recruitment, please contact Jessica Albertson, Programme Coordinator Eastern Europe, 

Ref to Erikshjälpen/ERIKS Development Partner website for more information about our work:


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