International Consultant

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14 Mar 2019
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Unicef Montenegro Office
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The existing Judicial information system (PRIS) proved to be outdated from both technical and functional point of view and not covering current needs of judiciary. Therefore, the Government of Montenegro (Ministry of Justice) adopted the Strategy on information and communication technology for judiciary (2016-2020) with a mission to establish new, modern and user-friendly customized, unique information system for the judiciary of Montenegro (hereinafter ISP). ISP will be a unique information system that will cover the needs and key business processes of the Ministry of Justice, courts, State Prosecutor’s office including misdemeanor court and the Institute for execution of criminal sanctions.

A set of indicators related to children in justice processes (criminal, civil and administrative) will be developed, which should be an integral part of the new ISP so that progress in justice for children area can be measured, documented and related policies created on the basis of evidences.

UNICEF will provide technical support to the Ministry of Justice in assessment of the existing juvenile justice for children indicators and development of full set of indicators related to children appearing in all court proceedings (criminal, civil and administrative), so that CR related module may be developed and integrated into the ISP. Once the indicators are proposed and agreed with the Ministry of Justice IT Department and Judicial Council, it will be necessary to adjust definitions proposed for new ISP system with MONSTAT definitions, so the two systems correspond to each other and report the same data on children in contact with the law.


Purpose and Objective(s)

The purpose of this assignment is to support the Ministry of Justice and judicial institutions to improve data collection on children participating in all justice proceedings so that decisions are made in the best interests of children;

  1. The objective of this assignment is to:
  • identify, assess and develop sector relevant set of indicators on children participating in justice processes with reference to international standards and guidance;
  • Integrate indicators concerning children appearing in all court proceedings, as an integral part of the new Judicial Information System (ISP) that are to be used by the Ministry of Justice, courts and state prosecutors’ offices;
  • Enhance evidence-based planning and monitoring of the situation and trends concerning children in all court (including misdemeanor courts) and administrative proceedings.
  • Support National Statistical Office - MONSTAT in adjusting definitions on children in justice proceedings with data/indicators developed for ISP

All other details on this consultancy - the methodology, activities and tasks, key deliverables and timeframe, required qualifications, specialized knowledge, experience and application procedure are available at the following link.

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