Deadline for application: 
21 Mar 2017
Country(s) that the job is based in: 
UNICEF Moldova
Job type: 

UNICEF Moldova is seeking a Photographer (on an as needed basis), Communication Unit.


The Contractor will be expected to deliver the following services:

  • For every special event photographed throughout the year, on the same day, a minimum of 25 colour and /or b/w (as required) digital images in high resolution shot as a RAW file (300 pixels/inch: minimum size 3000 x 2000 pixels;) and the same selection in lower resolution (1000 pixels longer edge, JPEG format) will be delivered/emailed to UNICEF office;
  • Within five days of shooting for the purposes of providing photos for publications, promotional materials, website or campaigns, a complete set of images (min 100 images are expected to be delivered per day of work) shot as a RAW file (300 pixels/inch: minimum size 3000 x 2000 pixels), saved chronologically. In addition, an edited set of 25 colour or B/W as needed, in high resolution with full captions, delivered/emailed to UNICEF office. Full set in lower resolution also delivered/emailed to UNICEF office;
  • Within one working day from a shooting session , a selection of at least 25 photos is expected to be edited in specialized photo editing software (e. g. Photoshop) to comply with UNICEF photography and image standards;
  • All digital photographs must contain complete caption information in "file info" and separate word format captions list. Caption information should consist of: date, place, subject names and age, and brief description of the situation photographed;
  • The final sets of edited digital images (including caption information) will be delivered on portable storage devices /emailed (as requested) to UNICEF;
  • Photography subject release forms signed by parents or legal guardians of children under the age of 18 will be delivered to UNICEF Office together with the images.

Qualifications and experience:

  • Qualifications as professional photographer and a demonstrated minimum of 5 years experience as professional photographer;
  • Good knowledge of technical requirements and settings for taking photos in various settings (i.e. outdoor, indoor, portraits, group activities etc.) is expected;
  • Availability and good command of own photographic equipment (cameras, lenses, lights, filters, tripods), , as well as photo-related image editing software;
  • Demonstrated experience in photojournalism in social issues.

For more details on deliverables, minimum requirements, and how to apply, please go to UNICEF webpage.


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