Psychologist, Social worker for work with children, Specialised pedagogue, Logoped and Ergotherapeut

Deadline for application: 
01 Aug 2018
Country(s) that the job is based in: 
Аутизъм днес
Job type: 
social worker
specialist expert

Autism Today are an association with experience in building and managing centers for work with children with autism and other developmental problems. It provides the highest quality of service by implementing the Human Resource Development Program under the "Social Entrepreneurship" project. The association seeks to appoint young people up to 29 years of age who have graduated a semester or graduated as specialists, for the following positions:

- A psychologist
- A social worker working with children
- Specialised pedagogue
- Logoped
- Ergotherapeut

The positions start from the 1st August 2018 and are part of the construction of a Center for Northern Bulgaria in the town of Pleven.
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