Building skills for leadership and consultancy: introduction to the upcoming Training (November)

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Date of webinar: 
23 Oct 2015
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Irene Stevens and Ian Milligan

Irene Stevens

Ian Milligan

CELCIS University of Strathclyde
Child Protection Hub

This webinar invites pre-selected participants of the ChildHub's "Training of Trainers" or those, who consider applying in the future.  The webinar provides a short glimpse of what participants can expect during the 2x3-day blocks. If you are interested to know what this training provides and what tools would be used, please join us! Presenters are Ian Milligan and Irene Stevens, senior experts of CELCIS, the Centre of Excellence for Looked After Children in Scotland, and the trainers-facilitators of the upcoming training. If you have applied as participant (or you are considering doing so), this is your chance to ask your questions, raise your doubts and add your comments.


The 'Building skills for leadership and consultancy' course is designed for experts who wish to develop their skills in consultancy and leadership.  This is necessary because within the region, there are many individuals who have high levels of expertise in the area of children’s services and practice. This expertise may have developed through policy development, academic research and teaching, training other people, or intensive direct practice with children and families. In spite of this, experts from other parts of the world are often brought in to work in capacity building roles. It is our belief that our own regional experts are best placed to know the issues which face the region. This course is designed to enhance and develop the wide range of skills necessary to become the capacity builders of the future.

The course will last for six days, and will be delivered in 2 x 3 day blocks. It is practical and experiential in nature and will be working on the assumption that, as experts, participants learn as much from each other as they do from tutors. It is a very intensive course which will require your commitment do some pre-course reading, to attend for the six days and to carry out some coursework between sessions.  To attend the course, you should have a good level of expertise in one of the areas described above. You will also need a good level of English, both speaking and understanding.



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